Frenectomies in Buda, TX

Welcome to Buda Pediatric Dentistry. We are here to be your partner in your child's oral health in Buda, TX. Led by Dr. Priscilla Chan, our team is committed to providing excellence in pediatric dental care. We're excited to share some helpful information about a procedure that can positively impact your child's oral development and overall well-being: frenectomies.

Frenectomies in Buda, TX – Buda Pediatric Dentistry

What is a Frenectomy?

A frenectomy is a straightforward surgical procedure to address a common dental concern involving the frenum. The frenum is a tiny fold of tissue that links various parts of the mouth, like the lips, cheeks, or tongue, to the gum area. At times, this tissue might be too tight, thick, or short, causing limitations that impact speech, eating, or dental alignment. Frenectomies delicately adjust or remove this tissue, promoting improved movement and function.

For babies with tethered oral tissues, a frenectomy can help with latching during breastfeeding, alleviate colic symptoms, and improve oral development.

Parents often see big improvements in their child's quality of life after a frenectomy. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Better feeding and eating skills.
  • Clearer speech.
  • Improved oral hygiene, with better cleaning due to increased movement of oral muscles.
  • Aesthetic enhancements, especially when closing a gap between front teeth.
  • Better sleep throughout the night.
  • Improved attention span and concentration due to better sleep.
  • Potential improvement of reflux symptoms.
  • Decreased gag reflex.
  • Improvement in food/texture pickiness.

When Is a Frenectomy Needed?

Frenectomies are frequently advised for children facing:

  • Difficulty breastfeeding because of a tight lingual and/or labial frenum (tongue-tie and/or lip-tie).
  • Challenges with speech.
  • Gaps between the front teeth caused by a tight labial frenum (lip tie).
  • Issues with oral hygiene or the ability to fully clean.
  • Symptoms of tongue and/or lip ties have not resolved even after consultations with lactation specialists, speech therapists, and/or myofunctional therapists.

Dr. Chan and our team at Buda Pediatric Dentistry are experts at identifying when a frenectomy might benefit your child. We use a thorough evaluation process that considers your child's specific symptoms and needs.

Frenectomies in Buda, TX – Buda Pediatric Dentistry

The Frenectomy Procedure at Buda Pediatric Dentistry

Consultation and Evaluation

Your child's journey starts off with a friendly chat with Dr. Priscilla Chan. We'll thoroughly check if a frenectomy is needed and address any worries you might have.

The Procedure

At Buda Pediatric Dentistry, we perform frenectomies using advanced technology for precision and comfort. We are proud to offer a state of the art CO2 laser makes the procedure as quick and painless as possible.

Recovery and Aftercare

Recovering from a frenectomy varies for each child. Most kids feel very little discomfort and can go back to their usual routine the same day. We'll give you detailed instructions for aftercare to help with healing and comfort.

Reserve a Frenectomy Consultation

If you think your little one could benefit from a frenectomy or have any worries about their oral health, we'd love for you to reach out to Dr. Chan. The team at Buda Pediatric Dentistry in Buda, TX, is here to help you every step of the way, answering your questions and giving your child the best care possible. Contact us today!